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Acupuncture – One of the Stranger Weight Loss Tools

weight loss blog Acupuncture – One of the Stranger Weight Loss ToolsSurgeries, pills, exercising routines, weight loss systems, diets… all types of methods were put in place in order to help people lose weight, and the list just keeps on getting bigger and bigger. One thing which many people have not anticipated is the use of acupuncture for weight loss. You are not misreading this, acupuncture, what you probably know as an oriental medical practice consisting of sticking needles in people’s pressure points, actually has benefits for weight loss. Before exploring them though, it is important to explain how precisely acupuncture affects the human body.


How Acupuncture Works


While there are whole teachings dedicated to practicing this art, understanding the basics of it isn’t too complicated. The human body has several pressure points on it which trigger the release of certain chemicals in your brain, namely endorphins, and those are basically the body’s natural painkiller. That’s pretty much the extent of what needs to be said about this art, although you can always read more about it on your own time.
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The Secret to Finding the Motivation to Lose Weight

weight loss blog The Secret to Finding the Motivation to Lose WeightIf you take all the champions in the history of all sports in the universe, you will see that while they may have differences, they all have one thing in common: they were motivated to win. Without the motivation, without having a reason for which to fight and win, these people simply wouldn’t have done what they did. The exact same thing goes for weight loss: if you do not have the motivation to lose weight, if you don’t have a reason for which to keep on making sacrifices, then you simply won’t be able to go through with it, as the whole process will seem like an exercise in futility to you.


Of course, finding motivation can be hard, especially in today’s world where we all come home tired after long days of work, only to be reminded that we still need to make efforts and sacrifices instead of just relaxing and doing as we please. Nevertheless, the reality is that if you aren’t going to make the effort to lose weight, you will keep on gaining it, and eventually you will start to develop health problems. For starters, the amount of cholesterol in your blood is going to increase, clogging your arteries and possibly causing a heart attack. The amount of fat around the heart is going to increase as well, making you prone to developing CHD (coronary heart disease). As if that wasn’t enough, the more fat tissue you have, the higher chance you have of developing cancerous tumors.
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All About the Healthy Weight Loss Approach

weight loss blog All About the Healthy Weight Loss ApproachWhile many people may simply want to lose weight to look better and to be more attractive, there are many others who are doing it for more personal reasons; they are looking to turn their lives around, to become healthier, strengthening themselves and decreasing their chances of tragically dying of some kind of condition or disease. As you can guess, when people try to go through weight loss with the latter goals they aren’t looking to lose weight just for the summer… they want to make a complete transformation, often changing their habits and lifestyle completely. The only true way to achieve that goal is to take the healthy weight loss approach to the problem, and here is why.


Healthy Means No Drawbacks


The healthy way of losing weight consists of making small, incremental changes to one’s diet and exercising habits. Ideally, you should be losing one to two pounds every week, not any more than that; remember that in the end, slow and steady wins the race. Yes, these results may seem kind of slow compared to what many other methods are promising, but there are certain things you need to take into account before passing that kind of judgment. For starters, when weight loss systems provide drastic results, they require those who follow them to make some pretty harsh efforts, and in the end, going through with those efforts is not only mentally-straining, but it is also physically-debilitating.
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Juicing for Weight Loss – A Few Delicious Juice Recipes for Shedding Pounds

weight loss blog Juicing for Weight Loss – A Few Delicious Juice Recipes for Shedding PoundsPerhaps one of the most important factors when it comes to losing weight is making sure your results are permanent and that you don’t fall into the cycle of losing weight, letting yourself go, and getting it back. One way to make sure your results are there to stay is to make some long-lasting changes to your lifestyle, more precisely, to your diet. While it may sound like a drag, it is important to eat healthy and provide your body with what it needs in order to function… however, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a cheat day once in a while and gorge yourself in the foods you love. In any case, the concept of juicing for weight loss has been adopted by countless people who are trying to drop the pounds, and what follows are a few juicing recipes which you can use to create delicious and nutritious juices to include in your diet.


Veggies and Fruits Working Together


Before getting into the recipe, it should be noted that these juice mixtures don’t really have names, so you can dub them as you wish. This first recipe requires you to have a cucumber of two to four inches, a long broccoli stalk, ten baby carrots, half an apple and half an unpeeled lemon. Simply juice the ingredients one by one, mix them all together, and enjoy this tasty mixture which only has 135 calories in it.
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