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How to Spot Both Fake and Reliable Weight Loss Plans

weight loss blog How to Spot Both Fake and Reliable Weight Loss PlansIf you have recently taken the time to search for weight loss plans online, then chances are that you know just how many different systems and programs there are to choose from. As a matter of fact, there are so many of them that most people simply don’t know which systems to choose, what works and what doesn’t. Fortunately, the situation has been as such for a little while now, and it is actually quite easy to determine which systems are ineffective fads and gimmicks, and which ones are truly reliable and worth a shot.



Detecting Unreliable Plans


The first telltale sign of a fad diet are unrealistic results. If you are looking to go through the weight loss process in a healthy way, then you should keep in mind that the human body can only lose 2 to 3 pounds per week safely. If the program promises extraordinary results, such as a loss of twenty pounds in two weeks, then there are two possibilities: either the method is quite extreme and difficult to go through with, either it’s just a lie.
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Why Fast Weight Loss is Possible Today

weight loss blog Why Fast Weight Loss is Possible TodayIf you only go back a few decades ago, you are going to realize that for an overwhelming majority of people, eating right and exercising was the absolute guide to losing weight. Otherwise said, people believed that by physically exerting themselves as much as possible while eating tons of fruits and vegetables would help them drop the weight as fast as they gained it. However, in time it was discovered that simply exercising a lot doesn’t do the trick; in order to lose weight, one needs to perform certain types of exercises. And so, we kept on learning more and more about how the human body gains and loses weight, leading up to today, a time when the concept of fast weight loss is actually feasible and can even be considered as healthy.
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The Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss Method

weight loss blog The Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss Method

Jennifer at the Oscars 2013

If you are in the habit of following the lives of celebrities, then perhaps you know the story of Jennifer Hudson. Up until recently, Jennifer was quite a full woman, some may have even called her overweight. However, recently something quite drastic happened: Jennifer became slim and smoking hot in what seems to be like no time at all, at least to those of us who have seemingly tried everything in order to drop the pounds. As it happens, her slimming down coincides with the release of her book in which she documents her weight loss process and how she managed to get through it. What follows is an attempt to simplify the Jennifer Hudson weight loss method and convey it to the rest of the world, in hopes of making your attempt to lose weight a bit easier.


Before getting into it, it’s important to address a certain concern: seeing as how Jennifer Hudson is a celebrity, is it not only logical that she would have dozens of nutritionists and physical trainers following her around twenty-four hours a day and help her get the pounds off? After all, in such an environment, practically anyone would be able to slim down it seems. Well, while it is true that she benefits from help most other people don’t have access to, the way she went about losing weight is what gave her success above everything else; after all, regardless of how many trainers you have, finding the will to go through such a grueling process comes from taking a certain approach to the problem.
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Weight Loss Surgery – Can You Really Pay the Price?

weight loss blog Weight Loss Surgery – Can You Really Pay the Price?As you may already know, numerous countries in the world are facing a great problem known as the obesity epidemic. In the United States alone it was found that in 2009 around 63.1% of the adult population was either overweight or obese… that means less than two-fifths of the population are at least in decent shape. The good news is that scientists haven’t exactly been twiddling their thumbs; they have been looking into various ways of fighting this weight problem, and one of the solutions they have come up with is weight loss surgery.

Chances are that you have already heard of the term “liposuction”, a procedure which consists of literally taking the fat out of someone’s body. There are a few more types of procedures which tend to be used for weight loss, such as gastric binding which reduces the size of the stomach with the implantation of a medical device. Needless to say, many people are strongly considering giving these weight loss surgeries a shot, and if you are one of them then you should take a step back and really think this through.
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